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THIS PORTRAIT of our daughter Nancy was extremely difficult to write, and there were long periods of time when we thought we couldn’t actually complete it. However, with G-d’s help and the encouragement of friends and relatives, we persevered.

At the outset, we want to acknowledge that this book could not have even been conceived without the correspondence we received from Nancy’s friends.

We want to especially thank the members of the C.R.C.A. (Century Road Club Association) for their extraordinary and supportive letters and phone calls, which gave us so much strength during the most difficult times. We would also like to thank Nancy’s Crestwood friends, who were so gracious and hospitable over the many years, allowing Nancy to make Colorado her second home.

We received many wonderful letters that are not printed in this book. Their not being published, however, does not diminish their value to us.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our son-in-law Avi Shapiro, who continually stood by our side and lifted us up when we faltered during the compilation of this book. We would also like to thank Stan Kaplan, a precious and dear friend, Libby Pheterson, and Jaimie Epstein, who helped with the editing. In addition, we are also very grateful to Rabbi Aron Tendler and Chaim Katz for giving us encouragement and valuable suggestions in our endeavor.

And finally we would like to thank Joe Gannon of Mulberry Tree Press for his expertise, professionalism, and commitment in assisting us and guiding us during the publishing of this book.

— Hanie and Suri Morgenstern


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