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“Sometimes I wondered what her life outside of cycling was like, because all she seemed to do was cycle. I do know that your daughter was deeply admired and loved by her friends and we will miss her greatly. Perhaps the greatest contribution someone can make to their friends, family, and colleagues is to inspire others to be great. Nancy was such an inspiration.”

— Geoff DiGirolamo

IT IS NOT UNCOMMON to meet people who, by virtue of what they have accomplished or by the way they conduct themselves on a continuing basis, have earned the admiration, approbation, and love of those they associate with. What is very uncommon, however, is to meet somebody evoking these feelings across such a broad spectrum of society, as Nancy did. She earned the admiration, approbation, and love of all those who knew her by being a devoted friend and family member and by doing the little things that matter on a daily basis. She was true to herself and to her ideals. She was there when she was needed, and she made a difference in people’s lives, even casual acquaintances.

In a phrase, Nancy was, quite simply, a beacon of light for the many of us who knew her. Through the words of this book, we hope she will be the same for you, and will be a source of inspiration when you find yourself in a difficult situation or when you see somebody who can use some help. We like to think that although Nancy is no longer with us in body, her spirit lives on. The example she set by just being herself will continue to guide us, and as a result she will forever be a part of our lives.

But Nancy lives on in another sense. With the help of family and friends, we have donated a much-needed ambulance to the greater Bet Shemesh, Israel area and have contributed thousands of dollars to needy families in both the United States and Israel. We have also established and provide continuous support to the learning of Torah via a kollel for advanced students, and we are in the process of building a bet medrash and synagogue in Ramat Bet Shemesh. In addition, we have commissioned the writing of a Sefer Torah in Nancy’s memory.

In order to continue these activities and perpetuate Nancy’s memory we have established the Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Fund. It is our strong feeling that this fund, dedicated to the caring and supporting of the sick and needy and furthering her Jewish heritage, is the embodiment of all that she stood for.

You can learn more about the Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Fund’s mission on this Web site.




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