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Aliyah: An elevation of the soul

Bet Medrash: House of Study

Davening: Praying

Frum: Observant

Gmar Chasimah Torah: Happy New Year greeting before Yom Kippur

Halachah: Jewish law

Hashem: Noun used in place of G-d, literally “the name.”

Kesher: Connection

Kiddush Hashem: Sanctification of G-d’s name by leading an ethical life

Kiddush: A festive gathering on the Sabbath or a holiday

Kollel: School of higher Torah education

Mekadesh Shem Shamayim: One who sanctifies G-d’s name by leading an ethical life

Sefer Torah: Hebrew Bible scroll

Shabbos Zemiros: Hebrew Sabbath songs

Shabbos, Shabbat: The Sabbath

Shomer Shabbos: One who, by avoiding work or mundane activities on the Sabbath, keeps the Sabbath laws

Shul: Synagogue

Simchat Torah: Holiday celebrating the commencement of the annual Torah-reading cycle

Simchas: Festive occasions

Slichos: Prayers asking for forgiveness before the Jewish Day of Atonement ( Yom Kippur)

Sukkot: A Jewish holiday

Ta’anis Esther: A Jewish fast day that precedes the festive Jewish holiday of Purim

Torah: Hebrew Bible

Z”l: Hebrew initials meaning “in blessed memory.”



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