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Reflections from Nancy's Mother

Dear Nancy,

If I could speak to you right now, there are so many things I would tell you. In one brief moment you were taken from us and we miss you so very much. Our last conversation on Sunday night keeps playing over and over again in my mind. All you thought about was Daddy and me, and you were so full of suggestions on how we should spend our anniversary. You, being the adventurous one, suggested a place where acrobats perform. You told me to do something different and exciting—all the while only wanting us to enjoy a night out alone, which we rarely do.

I remember the times I drove you to Floyd Bennett Field to watch you race. I never realized how good a cyclist you were, and how professional you looked. With the pride that only a parent can feel, I was able to see the love and respect you shared with the other cyclists at the races. But, most of all, I will not forget the trips back to your apartment in the city, where you and I were alone in our own world, laughing and sharing secrets. I know you appreciated it as well, because you would call me the next day and say, “Mommy, I loved being with you last night."

From the correspondence we received from your friends, I learned so much more about you. The respect you and they had for one another was boundless. Your kindness, giving nature, and the encouragement you gave to others were so much appreciated. Your friends have been an enormous comfort to Daddy and me and we speak to them quite often. You mentioned to us often that Snowmass was one of your favorite places and how you were always very happy there. Well, your intrepid sister Tzivi is planning a ski trip to Snowmass this winter, and plans to bring along plenty of chocolate babka for Jeremy, Robby, and Michelle, who have told us we are always welcome there.

I am sure you would love to see how close Mindy and Tzivi have become. They share daily conversations, shop and vacation together. You would really “flip out!”

You would not believe how much Chaim and Galiah’s boys, Moshe Aaron and Avraham Yaakov have grown. I know that you would be so happy to hear that Lori and Avi have another boy, Chaim Zev, named after Avi’s father z’’l, and that Yaakov and Tzila have an adorable little girl, Nechama Daniela.

Nancy, I miss you more than mere words can express. Not only were you my daughter, but you were also my best friend. Sharing our thoughts and feelings was always special to me. Although our interests differed, I respected you for who you were and for the decisions you made. I know that made you very happy.
Nance, you were and continue to be such an inspiration to me. Like you, I daven (pray) every day. But now, I daven with more emotion and feeling, and put more emphasis on appreciating the meaning of what I am saying. The Tehillim (Book of Psalms) has become my daily guide to life. All of this has been priceless, enabling me to focus my life in a way that is bringing me closer to Hashem now, more than I have ever been in my entire life.

Although it is impossible to truly understand Hashem’s judgments, I can only pray that He continues to watch over us, and guide us along the proper path in life. He should give us the strength to grow in Midos (character) and Chesed (kindness and regard of our fellow man)—traits that you so magnificently exemplified.

With all my love,


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