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Dear Mr. & Mrs. Morgenstern,

I met Nancy in 1993 when Jordana and I moved into James Tower. I lived on the 16th floor and I instantly became friends with Nancy in “the 7C” apartment.

Nancy wore a big smile on her face and everyone around her heard her laughter. I enjoyed being with Nancy because of her warm, friendly, and outgoing personality. I moved to Chicago two years ago and I had not seen Nancy in that time. However, her “happy” face is still so fresh in my mind.

Nancy, Nicole, Mindy, Jordana, and I ate almost every Friday night and Shabbat lunch together. We all brought our own food. Of course, Nancy had always prepared the best chicken cutlets; her chicken and spinach rollups were always my favorite. We all had many lovely Shabbats together and then we would conclude the day by going to a movie and Pizza Roma.

Nancy loved to ride her bicycle and to ski. I was lucky enough to have Nancy join my family and me on a ski trip to Salt Lake City. Of course, I did not see Nancy during the day as she was skiing on the black diamond mountains and I was still on the beginner’s slopes. But, we all had a wonderful time together when we got back to the apartment. My family loved having Nancy on the trip and they wanted her to join them again.

Nancy was such a kind, caring, and sincere friend. Nancy had an ambition for life that I admired and that I will always remember. She was such a special person to anybody who knew her. I will miss Nancy. I know that anyone who knew Nancy will always remember how truly happy she was.

Nora Koenig

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