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Dear Hanie,

I can’t say for sure that I ever met Nancy, except for perhaps one time that I’ll get to in a minute. Although I would not know her if I passed her in the street, I felt a certain kesher [connection] to her, nonetheless. Perhaps it is through my bond with you or perhaps because of my common interest with Nancy in cycling. I knew she rode for Team Axis and I checked her standings a couple of times a year to see how her season was going. She is always in the top ten women finishers in cycling. And I remember a few second places as well. I remember many races at Floyd Bennett Field where the women’s field was only five or so girls. So I know we were close to one another yet we were never introduced.

I do have one memory though that I wanted to share with you. I believe in my heart it was the only time I ever met Nancy. I was alone at the races at Floyd Bennett Field for what was my first race (and what was also to be my last). There were ten minutes or so left before the start and I found myself riding slowly through the pits where riders make last-minute adjustments and check out the competition. Well, I took a turn too slow and with my shoes clipped into the pedals, I fell over on my side. My ego was hurt a lot more than my shoulder and I quickly attempted to get up. But as I did, a young woman rode over and asked if I was all right. It would not have been proper etiquette to ask if I needed help but the concern she showed at the time was exactly what I needed. I always felt that girl was Nancy and I’m going to go on believing it for the rest of my life.

With all my heart,
Zalman Schacter

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