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The Things I Miss About Nancy

I miss the easygoing friendship
I miss the laughter, her laughter
I miss the rides in Central Park
I miss going over the bridge with her; together
     avoiding team rides so we could ride together
I miss bearing the cold with Nancy in the winter
I miss talking about bike races
I miss Wednesday Night Happy Hour rides
I miss not calling her after sundown on Fridays
I miss learning about all the things she did to be
I miss her strong faith
I miss not questioning any of it
I miss learning about kosher foods
I miss being a headache for waiters (between her
      kosherness and my vegetarianism)
I miss her enthusiasm
I miss watching Nancy give it her all
I miss doing hill repeats with her
I miss having her passionate enthusiasm be
I miss coming home from vacation and calling her
      first thing
I miss her making the craziest travel arrangements
      so she wouldn’t travel on
     Friday night or Saturday
I miss going to her apartment to watch “Survivor”
I miss talking to her about guys
I miss how she could always tell when I was
      unhappy by the way I tilted my head
I miss her trying to cheer me up
I miss rushing out the door in the evenings
      to ride with her
I miss waiting at the West 90th St. entrance
      of the park for her
I miss finding out that she learned something
      from her coach
I miss doing the Gimbals ride with her
I miss having just a look communicate
      how we were feeling
I miss silent communication that
      enough was enough
I miss doing races with her
I miss hearing about her races
I miss her passion
I miss her enthusiasm
I miss her compassion
I miss her generosity
I miss her loyalty
I miss my best friend, Nancy Morgenstern

— Tara Parsons

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