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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

Hello, my name is Graham Wadsworth. I met you all briefly in the country on the first weekend in August when going to a bike race with Nancy. Although you and I met then, I met Nancy while working at a cycling camp she visited on holiday in Mallorca, Spain, last March. When I visited New York the following summer, Nancy was incredibly generous and welcoming to my friend Martin and I. (Martin was my traveling companion from Spain.) She took us to bike races and put us before her own friends when we needed something like a ride to a race.

During the summer I also spent some time in Boulder, Colorado. When Nancy came out to visit all of her friends in Snowmass she very kindly stopped off and took Martin and me to Snowmass. It was great; it was the first time we'd been up in the really high mountains like that. We met loads of Nancy's friends: Jeremy, Michelle, Robby, Becca and many more people who all knew Nancy.

It amazed me how she was able to remain perfectly orthodox in terms of her religion. Going away to a race would be hard enough, but Nancy took it in stride. She always knew what to do and prepared herself accordingly, buying her food in advance and staying close by, etc. I have a lot of respect for how she did it, but it seemed to come totally naturally to Nancy.

Nancy was always so welcoming to us and I will always remember her and the times I spent in the U.S.

My Thoughts are with you,
Graham Wadsworth

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