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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

There are many people who I know and say hello to. There is a much smaller subset of people, who, whenever I see them and have an opportunity to talk to them, I stop and engage them in a meaningful conversation. Your daughter Nancy is one of those people. My wife, Yael, and I have always liked Nancy and felt a special closeness.

Nancy is one of those people that I have always admired. Many people dream of things they want to do but put them off thinking there will be time later to accomplish this goal or go on that trip . . . and Nancy’s attitude was always “life is short, play hard.” She did what she loved, even working out special arrangements with her boss so she would be able to continue training, as she desired.

Many people see things that bother them and wonder what to do, whereas Nancy was a person of action. When she was unhappy with her first bike team, instead of sitting around she went and took action, leaving the team and joining a new one, which she enjoyed very much.

Your daughter is a pleasure to be around and someone that I am proud to call my friend.

I will take the lessons I have learned from Nancy and try to emulate her joy in living life to the fullest.

Rob Lebowitz

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