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Dear Harvey:

I am delighted to write about Nancy. She was a very special person. I vividly remember the day Timmy Grazioso approached me about hiring Nancy to work with us. At that time Timmy was the chief operating officer of institutional equities. Normally I would have been reticent about hiring someone who had no experience in our industry. I had known Nancy from her work at Tzell Travel and she had always been the ultimate professional. I never had to worry that she would let me down. She would always get a complex job done right. Everything she did for me she did both efficiently and cheerfully. There are many similarities between the businesses when I thought about it. Both are customer-driven and there is little room for error. Her professionalism in travel was directly applicable to the job at Cantor Fitzgerald. With her thoroughness, attention to detail, customer service, and her zest for life, Nancy was the exact type of person we like to hire at Cantor. I wholeheartedly approved and supported his idea. Nancy started right away.

In working with Nancy, I got a chance to know her. She had diverse interests, from her strong religious views to her passion for bicycle riding. She was both warm-hearted and fun-loving. In discussing her career interests over dinner, I learned that she was enthusiastic about almost anything she undertook. I enjoyed learning about her travels during her sabbatical from Tzell. Nancy was a nice person.

We had 150 people working on the 104th floor. Nancy fit in with the team from day one. She quickly made friends among her colleagues. And within a short period of time, it was as though she had worked with us for a decade. No one had to look over her shoulder to check her work. What we knew about her before we hired her proved to be true.

Nancy was warm-hearted, fun, professional, kind and, a list of other adjectives to fill a book. I miss her.

Phil Marber
President, Cantor Fitzgerald

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