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Doing It Her Way

Eternity framed
In a moment shared

Beyond choice and calling
Doing what had to be done
Done while still doing
It is the way
The way of the righteous

Moments captured
Memories unknown
To those who remember the most

Devotion with abandon
Cherished with sacrifice
Seen in the stretch of the journey

A parent’s concern
A sibling’s question
A grandparent’s loss
A life lost
A soul gained

Many touched
Even more tears
So much pride
In the road less traveled

Smile of pain
Almost wins
Word to encourage
Tear of sweat
Running from where
But already there
Was it all about her
It was all about Him

Late night madness
Starts without finish
Honor without victor
Wondering why
Yet still doing

A mother’s psalm
A daughter’s prayer
A father’s pride
Always searching

Blessed wine by candlelight
Different just because
Doing it her way
Doing it our way

The friends knew
Not why nor when
But they knew
And they smiled
They were proud

It was her way
Brothers and sisters
The redemptive whole
Journeying together
On different lanes
On the same road

The void no less
The pain ever more
Memories shared
Not a moment lost

The circle
Ever turning
Radiating hope
The challenge never ending
Last is as good as first

Deeds and names
Volumes left unsaid
Time the villain
One last hug
Or a new beginning

The strength
To remember
The courage
To forgive
Loving the many
She does live

Friendships forged in cauldrons of loss
Pictures without meaning
Justice without revenge
G-d walked fearlessly in the vale of tears

His pitcher almost filled
Questions without answers
Answers without meaning
Meaning without purpose
Purpose the sum of all trust

Those who have sat
Those who await the call
Living for another
That is the all of living

In mind
In heart
In deed
In thought
In now and then
Lived and lives
Is and will be

For us
The time is forever
Too short
That is why we believe

— Rabbi Aron Tendler

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