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Dear Harvey,

When you asked me to read the collection of “Nancy Stories” you’d received in letters and e-mails, you warned me that the reading was likely to make me feel sad. You couldn’t have been more wrong.

I read the collection of documents on a busy holiday weekend, with the hub-bub of visiting family and my own children milling about. And, in the midst of all that chaos, I felt calm, centered, and peaceful. I felt ennobled, full of admiration for us, the human race. I was inspired by how magnificently one person can live the life given to her, following her own joy, and, yet, always serving the G-d that called her his own. I knew, after reading, that I will always have within me now a voice, calling me to be my best, to do my darndest, to follow the higher, truer path, as Nancy tried to do.

I also knew, instantly, that Nancy’s story was a lesson to me about the way I raise my own children. Nancy nurtured and kept the values of her Orthodox life and she molded that life around what she wanted to achieve. I hope that I can remember the joy Nancy’s rendition of a good life brought to those around her, and support my children as they follow their own paths.

On second thought, Harvey, I do find myself feeling a bit sad. I am sorry that I missed the opportunity to know this wonderful woman directly, rather than through these writings. I know that I am the poorer for having not known your determined, generous, and faithful daughter. She seems to have planted seeds for those qualities in those around her, a priceless gift to all who received it.

Denise Guerringue



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