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17 December 2003

Dear Mr. Morgenstern:

My name is Rachel Robinowitz. My husband, Stanley, and I moved from South Florida to Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, in July 2002.

One day this past summer, my husband began to not feel well, and as his condition seemed to deteriorate I called the ambulance.

The ambulance and crew arrived within minutes, along with what I understand is extra and more advanced equipment than is carried on a regular ambulance, including the Life-Pak 12, which they set up on the bed and began testing my husband with on the spot. The crew did not like the results of the tests. The proper drugs were administered immediately and a decision was made to transport my husband to the nearest hospital, Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, an hour away.

At the hospital it was determined that my husband had had suffered a heart attack, with one main artery 90% blocked and heart muscle damage. This was actually his second heart attack in five years. The doctors told me that thanks to the speed with which the ambulance brought my husband to the hospital, the expertise of the ambulance crew, all volunteers, along with the sophisticated equipment in the ambulance itself, my husband is alive today.

I understand you have donated this very ambulance to our community in memory of your daughter, Nancy. I wanted to let you know that your generosity has saved my husband's life and is saving lives daily throughout the entire Beit Shemesh area.

My husband is home now and doing well, thank G-d.

May the hearts of your family be comforted.

And may your daughter's memory be for a blessing.

With deepest thanks,

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