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2014-09-24 12:09:40 (GMT -5s)

Name: Zev Steinberg


I never had the pleasure of knowing Nancy. I moved to NYC the summer after 9/11. Last night a friend shared the website you created in her memory.

M****, Thank you for sharing the link to Nancy Morgenstern's website. I got through today OK... 9/11 finally becoming just "another day"... until you connected me to it again through Nancy's story. I have been a ball of tears for the past 30 minutes. And it reminds me that these days can never become ordinary, no matter how far in the distance they are. I moved to NY a year after 9/11 and so while I experienced the national trauma of 9/11 (I was at UMD and we had classmates whose parents were killed in the Pentagon), I did not go through the intensely personal experience of being in a city under siege, or losing a friend in the attacks. I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for all of ours - because we all lost something that day - and in reading Nancy's website I have come upon some personal resolutions that I have been pushing away for too long. In reading her friend's testimonials (including yours) I am reminded of the type of person I want to be... and by your simple press of the "share" button you have shaken my world... and I am deeply grateful. Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.


2012-09-13 03:36:15 (GMT -5s)

Name: Gila Weiss ( from Isreal )


Dear Suri and Hanie,

You don't know me, but I used to work with your son-in-law, Avi. Many years ago, when I was going through a rough spell (thyroid cancer and some other minor disasters) Avi gave me a copy of the book about Nancy. I read it, I was inspired... and then I filed it away on my bookshelf.

Last night, I sat down in my living room in the same place I always sit, ready to read a light novel. From across the room, Nancy's book caught my eye. It never does that - in the same way that none of my books do that. They are just there, as they always are, and unless I am looking for a specific book, I don't see it when aimlessly looking around my living room. Since it was September 11, I thought-you know Gila, give a little כבוד, take a pass on the drivel for one night and read a bit of the memorial book. So I did.

I recently set some challenges for myself for the new year. They are going to involve a fair amount of discipline and hard work to achieve. I found the descriptions about how Nancy approached her goals and her life and how she was able to balance the various aspects of her life to be enormously inspiring. I got up from my reading energized. (And at the risk of coming across as cloying and melodramatic, it did strike me as meaningful that the right book popped out at me from across the room, on precisely the right day and at the right time).

I know that there is no real consolation for the loss of your daughter, but I thought I would pass on that, even years later, she is still having an influence. Thanks for sharing your memories of her with the rest of us.

Regards and שנה טובה,



2011-09-12 21:50:39 (GMT -5s)

Name: Jennifer ( from Orlando )


Although ten years has passed since that tragic day I would like to let the family of Nancy Morgenstern know not only have we not forgotten but we still all are deeply saddened by their loss and keep her family in our prayers. She will be missed.


2011-09-12 12:45:25 (GMT -5s)

Name: Jeanne Lafond ( from NYC )


Like every year since 2001 I always think and remember Nancy on that day. I hope the passing of time has helped you in your mourning.

My best to you and your family,
Jeanne Lafond


2011-09-11 15:59:47 (GMT -5s)

Name: Aviva (Naierman) Wernick ( from Hollywood, Florida )


Dear Suri and Hanie,

My thoughts are with you on this 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Nancy had such spirit and enthusiasm, and as everyone who knew her remembers, she always had a big beautiful smile. A smile that reached her eyes. Nancy and I were closest in high school and college, and looking back, she was so independent and had such confidence for her age. She was always up for the next big adventure. I recently found some video footage of her from 1991 - I will make a copy and mail to you.

You should be proud of raising such a special daughter and all that you have done over the last 10 years to honor her life.

Much love,
Aviva Wernick

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