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2014-11-05 21:22:31 (GMT -5s)

Name: anonymous


Your daughter seems like a truly enlighten, grounded, and religiously and spiritually grounded person. I often struggle with Judaism... I am shomer shabbos and keep kosher but in recent years I would consider myself passively Orthodox... not doing what I should not be doing (mostly), but not actively doing what an observant Jew should be doing to build himself. Life is hard and it is tempting to let the stress and the frustration dampen religious zeal. But typically that is an excuse. Life is challenging, but it is also a blessing, and it seems like Nancy had that understanding and that perspective made her a light unto her friends, her community and her colleagues. If I can offer one line of nechama these 13 years later, it is that because of the inspiration of Nancy's life - through your website - I put on tallis and tefillin this morning for the first time in a long time and davened... recommitting myself to the kind of life I want to lead and the kind of Jew I want to be. It is her mitzva, and yours, as much as it is mine.

May Nancy's neshama have an aliyah and may the ripple effect of goodness done in this world because of her life be an endless treasure of pride for your family.

Good Shabbos.

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