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2006-09-17 02:59:34 (GMT -5s)

Name: Mindy (Elfenbein) Treitel ( from Los Angeles, CA. )


Dear Suri & Haney & Tzivi,

I'm sorry I couldn't be with you on 9/11 this year but I was thinking of you the whole day and how it all feels like yesterday. Nancy is still very much alive in our hearts and not a day goes by that I do not think of her. She would laugh that great laugh of hers if she knew I got married & had moved to California! But I'm sure she does, and I'm sure she watches all of us everyday. We all talk about her and quote her often. Speaking with Tzivi and you always comforts me.

Love Mindy


2006-09-13 07:28:45 (GMT -5s)

Name: Avigail Wonder ( from Australia )


I saw a link to this site on a forum. The testimonies and your love for your daughter are so moving. I read your letter to Nancy and had tears pouring down my face.

Though I was far away in Israel on 9/11 and though I live so far away now in Australia, your pain is real and palpable.

BUt what shines through is a remarkable person who you were lucky to know.

May Hashem send you true comfort and reunite you and Nancy with the coming of Moshiach.


2006-09-12 00:55:26 (GMT -5s)

Name: Mark Schiff


To Nancy's Family,
I am an only child but I always wanted a sister or a brother. If I could have had a sister I would have wanted her to be just like Nancy. I never met Nancy but I miss her. Thank you God for letting us have Nancy for the short while we had her.


2006-09-11 22:53:47 (GMT -5s)

Name: Moshe Katz ( from New York )


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

My name is Moshe Katz and I lived in the same building as Nancy. I met her through Mindy and Nicole.

I remember being very impressed that, what I thought was a Brooklyn transplant, was making such a good go of it in Manhattan.

I watched her transform into a “fitness machine and guru”. I distinctly remember her reprimanding me for eating Sugar Puffs cereal and also anything with sodium, even diet soda.

At one point, I was training for the NYC Marathon, and I could see that I gained some respect from her for the effort. She was not one to fake praise. In fact, when we would talk about training, I felt a sense of pride if she approved of my approach.

To me, it was evident that she lived life so passionately and wanted everyone else to do the same.

She had a lovely presence and a beautiful smile. I am confident that she will serve as inspiration to countless others to live life with a generous and unlimited passion.

Moshe Katz


2006-09-11 15:24:11 (GMT -5s)

Name: chedva lax ( from ny )


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern and Family,

Just a short note to say I am thinking of you today, September 11th, and of course I am thinking of your Nancy. As I write, thousands of Americans participate in commemoration ceremonies at ground-zero and across the country. But those of us who were ever touched by Nancy need no moments of silence nor bagpipes and floral wreaths.

We could never forget.


2006-02-11 12:39:09 (GMT -5s)

Name: Zena Chudnoff


I received a copy of your book about Nancy from a neighbor shortly after I returned home from a rehab center after fracturing my hip. She continues to inspire. Whenever I need a lift up to the next step, I read an excerpt from her book.

May she be a meliach yasher for her family and for her people.


2006-03-22 12:34:17 (GMT -5s)

Name: Shmulik Siman-Tov ( from Israel )


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

I just recently visited my friend, Avi Shapiro, who gave me the book you wrote about Nancy. Every person who passes away is praised by their friends and relatives.

However, when I read this book, I understood that Nancy was not just any person. I understood that Nancy was a person who loved life, and life loved her. Her smile and joy of life that is so present in her friend's letters and in her pictures project a life of happiness and wisdom.

I feel extremely proud that I have gotten to know Nancy, through her brother-in-law Avi and her book, even though I never met her personally.

The book is amazing in its intensity and ability to project, through letters, Nancy's radiant personality.

May her memory be a blessing.

Shmulik Siman-Tov


2006-05-30 02:56:24 (GMT -5s)

Name: Gila Weiss ( from Tel Aviv, Israel )


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

I work with Avi Shapiro and he gave me a copy of the book you put together in honor of Nancy. I read the entire thing in 24 hours. I have to tell you that my response was one of admiration mixed with some chagrin. I myself was seriously injured in a bombing here in Israel four years ago. As I read the glowing tributes, I could not help but wonder: if my fate had been different (and it very well could have been), what would people have said about me. I am afraid that the notes would be far less noteworthy. Your daughter sounds like a simply incredible person and I cannot imagine the pain you must still be going through.

I have been going through something of a crisis of faith recently (bout with cancer/resultant depression/long, boring story), and have made something of a concerted effort to avoid prayer and Torah whenever I can. However, for what it is worth, in Nancy's honor, last night I sat down and read this week's parsha. Just another tiny drop in what is already a overflowing bucket of merits, but know it comes from the heart.


Gila Weiss


2005-11-17 22:23:03 (GMT -5s)

Name: Aviva (Naierman) Wernick


Suri & Hanie:

I have been thinking of Nancy lately and logged on to her memorial website, which I haven't done in a few months, just to reminisce about her. I was moved by many of the recent entries in the guest book, and particularly moved by the fact that her good friend Tara accompanied you to Israel a few months ago for the unveiling, ultimately ended up racing in Israel, winning the race, and having the opportunity to talk about Nancy at the awards ceremony! You have to figure that Nancy played a role in all that from up above. I also love the poem written by Yona Rockoff.

I know I expressed this in my email in the guestbook, but when I think of Nancy, I remember her smile - both with her mouth and through her eyes, her giggle, her optimism, her goodness. I also think of little things like her long fingers and beautifully manicured nails, the shape of her eyes. She was a wonderful person. I miss her and frequently reminisce about her with Rik Perlow.

I wish I could have paid a shiva call and met with you in person to talk about Nancy. I am not sure when my next trip to Israel will be, but I will call you before I go so that I can go to the cemetery where she has been buried. I hope that the burial and unveiling provided you and your family with some comfort.

Wishing you and your family all the best.

Warmest regards,

Aviva (Naierman) Wernick

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