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The True Meaning of Friendship


“Nancy and I traveled to many races together and had so many good times. One memory comes to mind: The Killington stage races are a difficult, multi-day event up in Vermont. Last summer, in one of the races, my water bottle popped out after hitting a pothole. We were only half way through the race and I had no fluids. Nancy offered me some of her water. She got me through the race, and I was so grateful.”

— Aubin Sullivan

“ I had just started racing and was not sure about what I was doing. I went out much too hard at the beginning of the race, and then exhausted myself. I was going to bail out of the race since I was feeling so terrible. Then I met Nancy. She rode up beside me and said she’d help. First she told me to grab onto her wheel. I told her that I didn’t think I could hold on, but she said, ‘That’s ridiculous. You’ve gotten this far in the race. You can hold on to the end.’ And so, I did. For the remainder of the race, she kept telling me how great I was doing, letting me know how much farther we had to go, and saying that I was awesome. At the very end of the race it came to a sprint finish, and Nancy just yelled, ‘Go! Go! Go!’ So I did—and came in ahead of everyone! Nancy gave me her energy and drive. She made me feel like I could move mountains that day.”

— Jenny Olbrich

“ Hanie, I have many friends in my life but no one has come close to making me feel as good about myself as Nancy. That was her gift. I could go on and on but the bottom line remains the same. She was an amazing friend to me. . . . I can only think how I had the absolute privilege of having the friend of a lifetime.”

— Mindy Elfenbein

“GIVE ME YOUR CHOCOLATE and I’ll be your best friend.” How many times were we confronted with such a demand as a child? If we were smart, we kept the chocolate to ourselves. Otherwise, we quickly learned that the piece of chocolate bought us a best friend . . . until it was consumed, and another piece was promptly demanded!


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