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Dear Mr. And Mrs. Morgenstern,

I first met Nancy on Simchat Torah in 1990 at a meal on the Upper West Side. I was living at home in Canada, had just graduated from college and decided to go to New York for Simchat Torah. My cousin, who was living on the Upper West Side at the time, was having a meal for his friends, so he invited me. I went to the meal not knowing anyone (except of course, my cousin). There were probably fifteen to twenty people at this meal, all of whom were close friends. I remember being very nervous and shy and no one talking to me at first. Everyone pretty much ignored me—except for Nancy. She was the first person to introduce herself to me and chat with me. She was so friendly and warm to me. She then introduced me to everyone in the apartment and made sure to include me in the conversation—which for a shy person like myself is pretty much the nicest thing you could do.

In 1992, I moved to New York and through the years I saw Nancy in shul, occasionally at kiddushes and meals, and out at night with common friends. She was always kind, friendly, and happy to see me. Although we were not close, I considered her a special person because of the kindness she showed to me back in 1990. I always enjoyed seeing her and talking to her because of her enthusiasm for life and for new and interesting challenges. She always had a smile on her face.

In all truthfulness, I bet she wouldn’t even remember that particular Simchat Torah meal. She probably would be amazed that I thought it was such an incredible thing that she did, mostly because I really think it was just her nature to be warm and friendly. But it really was a great thing she did and I have never forgotten it. I never really brought up the experience with her to see if she remembered it the way I do, but I will always remember her charm and her easy-going nature that day. She will truly be missed.

Tammy Fried

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