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I AM A FRIEND of Nancy’s and have been wanting to write to you to share my memories of Nancy for some time. Nancy is a very special person, a true individual, and I truly feel lucky to be her friend. It is rare to meet someone that is in touch enough with herself that she can follow her own goals and dreams without being distracted by forms of peer pressure. I have to say that in terms of everything from religion to sports to her professional career, it was obvious that despite considerable advice from others, Nancy was smart enough to follow her own heart.

Nancy and I traveled to Israel together two years ago on a trip I can honestly say offered everything you could hope for from a trip: a spiritual component, relaxation, luxury, and good fun. In just five days we were able to visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Eilat. We met family and friends and made some new friends. It was the kind of trip where you feel a million miles from everyday life, where you can break from work stress and focus on the important things in life. I remember the video that Lori was taking of her children to send you when Nancy and I visited with her our last night in Israel—it was a nice end to the trip. I believe I have a picture in front of the apartment while we were waiting for the cab to go to the airport.

I was just remembering a story that Nancy told me, which speaks to how quickly she was to make friends. I think I mentioned in my last note that Nancy is the reason I took up cycling, and based upon her recommendation I took a trip with the same bike tour company she had taken. She had told me that on her first trip to Utah and Arizona, that she had somehow gotten first-class airline tickets, so she felt she needed to be formally dressed. Well, for some reason or another she was late to getting to the start of the trip and when she arrived was dressed in a dress and heels as compared to everyone else in their biking gear. She told me she thought no one expected her to be ready for the challenge of the trip. Of course, by the end of the trip she made many new friends and was hooked on cycling.

Regards and Good Shabbos,
Susan Buchsbaum

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