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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

Nancy was one of the first people I met who bike raced. We met in Central Park one wintry weeknight. We were the only women riding that night, and I approached her and introduced myself. We rode almost every night together that winter. That spring, she asked me to join her bike team. I was so excited. Nancy and I traveled to many races together and had so many good times. One memory comes to mind: Killington stage races is a difficult multi-day stage up in Vermont. Last summer, in one of the races, my water bottle popped out after hitting a pothole. We were only halfway through the race and I had no fluids. Nancy offered me some of her water. She got me through the race and I was so grateful.

Nancy had a powerful presence and you always knew she was around. Riding through the park, especially in the evening, I would see Nancy riding in front of me. She had a particular riding style. I could always spot her a mile away.

I currently attend an Orthodox Jewish university, and the first night I met Nancy, I found out her brother attended the same university. I frequently asked Nancy about the orthodox religion and she loved that I was so interested. It cracked her up.

I miss Nancy so much.

Aubin Sullivan

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