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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

Nancy was a good friend and teammate of mine. She will be immensely missed by all of her friends, teammates and the cycling community as a whole. All I can truly say, at this moment, is I am cherishing and remembering what a wonderful and beautiful person Nancy was in my life.

I have so many fond memories—from her first race at Altoona three years ago, to a party she and her roommates had that I attended last summer, to the energetic and welcoming “Heyyyyyyy” she would give me whenever I would meet her. You don’t know how badly I want to hear that “Heyyyyyyy” one more time as I ride up to meet Nancy in the park.

Nancy was a true testament to her faith. She went out of her way to uphold her religious beliefs, regardless of her cycling commitment. Her strength and devotion were truly inspirational.

Again, I cannot tell you how much she will be missed.

Sean Marvel

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