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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern

When I think of Nancy, the word “twinkle” comes to mind. It’s not just those brown eyes—her whole face twinkles when she talks. Whenever I bump into her in Central Park or at races, she’s invariably bubbling over with some news or comment that would spark a giggle. Recently, I remarked with some awe over her beautiful painted and manicured fingernails. She gleefully informed us that the only reason they were painted was to cover up all of the bike grease and grime underneath them.

Mind you, there’s nothing twinkly about Nancy when she races—she’s all business. I’ve always been struck by what a gutsy racer she is. She never appears to be intimidated by the gals I refer to as “the big strong girls.” She is also a team player. I can recall times when she would sacrifice her own results to help a teammate. She has also been incredibly supportive of her fellow club members. I heard Nancy’s voice loud and clear cheering me onto the finish line at the time trail at Fitchburg this summer.

Thank you Nancy. We miss you.

Frances Harrison

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