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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgenstern,

I am a racing friend of Nancy’s and since this is the first year on the team, I barely got to know her. But when I got the memo today and realized that Mr. Morgenstern and I are colleagues of sorts here at the Times, I just had to write.

I can’t imagine Nancy not chipper on the starting line, already rambunctious so early in the morning, dressed so fashionably in orange and blue (Axis has the best uniforms). I am sure you heard by now that we had sort of a memorial ride for her this weekend, and it is amazing how many people showed up for it and how many people have been telling stories about her on the CRCA chat group. As I said, I barely knew her and although I knew her family was quite observant, I didn’t realize the extent of her own devotion. It’s tough enough to juggle racing and training with a demanding job but to manage not to sacrifice your religious values and convictions as well is truly remarkable. May you find comfort in having raised such an aishes chayal [woman of valor].

She will be an inspiration to me from now on.

Jaimie Epstein

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