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My name is Kevin Molloy and I’m a friend through Nancy’s bike racing. I wanted to recount a few “Nancy-isms” that stick out in my mind. Most of these are cycling oriented, as we spent most of our time chatting on our bikes.

First, the strangest thing of all, was a beautiful young Jewish woman racing a bicycle. I think my high school had one Jewish person among 1,800 students, so to see Nancy racing her bike in a traditionally “tough” sport was pretty cool, yet surreal. (She eventually joined our team, Bicycle Renaissance, for her first few years of racing.)

I thought is was funny how she just despised the many cold training rides that we did in order to be fit for the spring races. She would show up to the rides totally overdressed just hoping to stay warm for an extra five minutes before the wind chill effect overpowered the many layers she wore.

I thought that Nancy was a naturally talented sprinter, like a rabbit, for example. She excelled at the shorter events that finished very fast. However, sprinters generally aren’t good hill climbers. Sprinters have some extra muscle to generate acceleration required in sprints and this doesn’t go up hill very well! Anyway, Nancy decided her goal was to be able to climb hills, or to become a turtle (for comparison). It was cool to see how determined Nancy was to become a hill climber. I think she just wanted to do it because she couldn’t. The determination was a great sight and we had a lot of laughs.

I’m sure that these strong traits reflected on her non-cycling life as well. These are a few “Nancy-isms” that joyfully linger in my mind.

Kind regards,
Kevin Molloy

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