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THE FIRST IMPRESSION I have of Nancy was her arrival to our trip start in San Gimignoano when she showed up on the back of an Italian’s motorcycle. The remainder of the group arrived from Florence on a bus transfer provided by Backroads. I cannot remember if she missed the bus or just decided to make her own way. Either way, it is about an hour and a half transfer from Florence to the trip start. I remember that the Italian went out of his way to deliver Nancy to our campsite.

She arrived wearing a dress and high heels. She definitely made a favorable first impression. We knew she was going to be fun and she was. Nancy not only got along great with the guests but she preferred to spend time with the leaders. My co-leaders Justin Gill, Kenny Brushett, and myself all take turns performing different tasks throughout the week. Each day one of the leaders cycled with the group generally toward the back. Nancy almost always preferred to ride with whatever leader was riding that day. So we all got a chance to get to know her. She was a strong cyclist. This was definitely one of Backroads’ more challenging trips and she managed every mile.

Most guests tired very early due to the challenging riding, however, Nancy seemed to have boundless energy and was always up for whatever came her way. I suggested that she look into becoming a leader for Backroads. She loved to cycle and she definitely had the personality for the job. Following the trip we managed to stay in touch for a little while. She sent me a nice package, which included a tie that I still wear to this day.

I will remember her as extremely thoughtful and kind with a zest for life.

David Edwards

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